T-shirt decorating

Inspired by the cool allover-printed T-shirts I was seeing everywhere, I thought it would be fun to make my own using textile markers. This triangle pattern is an easy one to start out with because you can place them every which way and it still ends up looking intentional. Starting out with a colored T-shirt gives a nice result, it works best if you use light or pastel colors. 
Drawing with a marker on stretch fabric is not particulary easy, so a little patience is required to get the hang of it. 

Some tips:
*Straight lines are easier to draw, because you have more control over which way the fabric is stretching. For the triangles, draw the outlines first and then color them in.
*Your hand and fingers might transfer the wet ink onto parts of the t-shirt you don't want colored. It can be helpful to take breaks or work at a pattern from different sides.
*Follow the fabric marker directions, some require ironing to "fix" your drawing.
*Slip a piece of smooth cardboard in your T-shirt, so the pattern doesn't bleed through to the back.